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6 Months!!!!!!

2 Oct

We are celebrating 6 wonderful months of homeschooling!

This was our very first day
we painted, mostly because I didn’t know what else to do.

This was our very first project –
we learned all about the Mesozoic Era,
fossils, extinction and the age of the Earth.

We learned about continents and oceans,
and know all the countries of our continent.

We did SO much writing –
creative writing, summaries, poems…
we learned about the parts of speech,
did lots of spelling lists and worked on composition.

We did loads of math and science,
and felt a strong attraction to these subjects.

We did our second big project on
The Solar System
Tomorrow is the gran debut of The Pluto Monologues!

We did ballet once a week with a friend.

Dance, circus, arts&crafts and music
every Tuesday and Friday at our
Art Center

We started our most recent project on
Greek Mythology

We had kittens!
Played soccer with the cat?

We built a new bedroom
bringing an end to 8 years of co-sleeping
(mama’s still having difficulties with this one)

Took our first big family trip

Survived another hurricane season
in the tropics

Welcomed our river back,
built dams

and had lots of picnics

I still managed to put on a few performances
and get some creative outlet

DH and I celebrated our 7yr anniversary

Bought a new mac with this silly photo program

started this blog, met lots of awesome people in the hs communities,
and finally figured out what “dh”, “dd”, “ds”, etc. mean after
months of guessing because I was too shy
to ask on the forums.

We love homeschooling!


We Love To Dance

3 Jul

 I had the best dance class ever today with my son.

I’m a dancer/choreographer and very happy that he’s diggin’ the beats from a very young age.

My son participates in a twice weekly social art program that I run from our home, so he gets a lot of dance from that, but we also do a private session once a week – just the two of us, and sometimes one other little friend who is also homeschooled. She didn’t make it to class today, so I decided to skip the ballet and try something a little different. Continue reading

Leaving The Room

2 Jul

Today we finished Scott Foresman Free Grammar & Writing Unit 1.

It was a struggle, as English is my son’s second language, but we did it! Continue reading

Homeschool on a Chair

1 Jul
My son loved his Waldorf school from K-2. I’d wanted to try homeschool, but there was no convincing him – until one Friday at the end of his first trimester of 3rd grade. He wasn’t happy there anymore. He told me on a Friday and we started homeschooling the next Monday. I had two days to read up on homeschooling, look for resources and get together what I could from what was around the house. It was very sudden. We had a world globe, a pretty decent collection of books and help from homeschool mom bloggers with advice to give (to whom I am forever grateful). There was some panic at realizing just how sophisticated some homeschoolers’ resource collections are, but we had what we had and, as we always do, we did what we could with it.


Three months later we don’t have much more than what we started with, but with some help from educational websites, we have all we need – and it all fits on one chair that lives in my office. Since I work lots on my computer, we often have class in my office, or I set him up to work alone in other spaces around the house. It’s very handy to have it all in one place. Here’s what fits on that chair, spread out:

Of course some of these items are frequently replaced by others, but I think I will always manage to fit them on my chair. It’s a great use of the chair too, as we hardly ever sit on chairs at our house.


In no way am I saying that the extent of our homeschooling fits on this chair, there´s much more to it than the tangible resources we use. This is mostly to give newbies like me an idea of what one low-budget homeschool family has on their “bookshelf” as far as resources go.


Check out “Sites We Use” on the right-hand column to see the science, math, worksheets and grammar sites we are using – they’re all FREE. I also compliment almost all of our subjects with videos from YouTube. You can find a video on pretty much anything these days, and it’s FREE!