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Independent October

7 Oct
We’ve been working really hard for the last six months,
so we decided to take October as Independent Projects Month.
He chose three projects to work on alone – zero mom interference.
This was our first week and it’s gone great.
He chose a drawing project using a “How to draw cartoons” book.
Here are some of my favorites:

He also chose to work on choreographing his own dance piece.His third project is a research report on the Saber Tooth Tiger,
inspired by this Saber Tooth fossil given to him by an uncle.I found some sites for him to get information.
He’ll be putting a book together with his findings.

This week, we also: found a scary spider in our kitchenpicked lots of jocotes – a fruit specific to Central America (I think)
There are Jocote Trees everywhere here, and the kids go crazy for them in October.First, you gotta get your pole ready.
You need to smooth it with a machete and fix the end to catch the jocote.
You stick the pole way up in the tree and try to get the fruit into the catch.
It takes patience and aim to manage this, but he’s a pro.

With the extra time that Independent Projects Month is giving me,
I get to spend more time with my other kids –
This is the youth group that trains at our art center in the mornings.
They haven’t seen much of me since we started homeschooling,
even though they’re just downstairs.

This is a project that I started 10yrs ago and have been full-time directing since.
This year, the project is being run by one of our graduated students.
It’s been hard to let go and delegate, but it’s allowed me to homeschool,
and he’s doing a great job as junior director.


Video Collage of what we’ve been doing in our Art Classes

2 Oct

The Bone Eater

1 Sep

After taking a month off, it’s been hard getting my son back into the practice of writing. He did keep a travel journal during our trip, but it wasn’t daily.

Before the break, we’d mostly been working on writing summaries, but now I’m finding that I need to be more creative.

I looked for some prompts on the internet, but wasn’t very happy with what I found. So, I decided to make up my own. Here are some of them:

Describe a Monster
Give it a name. What does it look like? Where does it live? What does it eat? What does it do? What kind of sounds does it make? Use rich adjectives. Try to start each sentence differently.

If you could choose any super power, what would it be? What would you do with it?

A Magical Place
Imagine a place where anything can happen. Where are you? How did you get there? What are you doing there? What do you see around you?

The World-Saving Invention
Imagine that you have invented something that saved the world by solving one of our biggest problems. How does it work? What problem does it solve?

Letter to a Bully
Think about a time when you were bullied. Write a letter to the bully. Explain your version of what happened and how you felt. Explain why you think what he or she did was wrong.

I let him write as much as he wants, and don’t try to force him to “make it longer”. The better the prompt I give him, the more he wants to write. I figure in enough time for discussion before writing and after reading aloud what he wrote. Today we did “Describe a Monster”.  He wrote it in Spanish (his first language), but here’s a rough translation: 

The Bone Eater is an evil and ferocious monster who eats children wandering up the mountain. He has a son named Cuchumolongo who also eats bones. They have claws that are one meter long and two centimeters thick. They’re red and their eyes are the color of fire. They have pointy ears and tails, and they can jump very high.

We Love To Dance

3 Jul

 I had the best dance class ever today with my son.

I’m a dancer/choreographer and very happy that he’s diggin’ the beats from a very young age.

My son participates in a twice weekly social art program that I run from our home, so he gets a lot of dance from that, but we also do a private session once a week – just the two of us, and sometimes one other little friend who is also homeschooled. She didn’t make it to class today, so I decided to skip the ballet and try something a little different. Continue reading