Social Studies

World History

I found this great site for World History. It has everything from Prehistoric Humans to the French Revolution.There are too many ads on the site to have my son read straight from it, so I copied and pasted it onto a Word document. It also needed some editing. All of this took me about two days to finish, but now we have a really great, compact but thorough, World History Book. It has lots of pictures and reads well. It’s a great place to start, choose interesting events and do extra research or a Unit Study on them.

Check out this Religions of the World Site for Kids as a great compliment.


We have Geography class at least once a week. I printed out outline maps from this site and we’re working through the continents. This year we’re focusing on being able to label a blank map of the Americas; recognizing the names of African, European and Asian countries and knowing on what continent they are; and, watching videos and reading stories from around the world.

Enrichment Videos for Geography Classes

Great videos for learning about different cultures.
Do you want to make your Geography classes more fun? We use outline maps to learn where the different continents, oceans and countries are. To make it more interesting, I look for videos of dances, lifestyle, culture, children and stories from around the world.

Here are some them:

Where´s Matt?One guy visits 42 countries, getting people to dance with him. We loved it.

Colombian Cumbia

Mongolia – short documentary

New Zealand – Maori dance

India – traditional dance

Peruvian traditional dance

Italian Folk dance – Tarantella

Zimbabwe traditional dance

Ethnic dances from around the world

England – ballroom dancing in 1934

Children of the World

Explore – Collection of Cultural Videos and more

Photo Collection of African Culture

This great little video gave me loads of ideas for activities to do with my son.

The Miniature Earth: if we could turn the population of the Earth into a small community of 100 people, keeping the same proportions we have today, it would be something like this…

It shows you, out of 100, how many people there would be from each continent, religion, economic situation, gender, level of education, etc.

Use beans to show the proportions. Work out the percentages, make charts and graphs, study the main religions mentioned…

It´s a great social studies project!

Tales, Myths and Legends

Online Collection of Aesop´s Fables

Storytime – Greek Mythology for Kids at Winged Sandals

and this great directory for loads more at Folklore, Myth and Legend


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