Why Homeschool?

I think one of my greatest realizations from starting homeschool is how I had completely handed over my son’s education to the school he was attending. I somehow thought that because he was going to school, my only job was to get him ready in the mornings, feed him and get him to bed at night – that’s what it felt like. There was something missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew I wanted to spend more time with him, but I didn’t realize that my whole self was being deprived of something essential.

Now that we’re homeschooling, not only am I happy to be taking responsibility of his education and spending the whole day with him, but mostly I am just HAPPY. I feel complete. I feel like a real mother and not just a caretaker. I feel like I’ve been given back something that was taken away from me the moment I started sending him to another place (school) so that other people could do the greatest part of MY JOB.

I knew homeschooling would be wonderful for us, but I didn’t know how wonderful it would be for ME. I feel activated, excited and rejuvenated, not to mention everything I’m learning by being in the 3rd grade again at 35!

Families choose to homeschool for all sorts of different reasons.
We homeschool mostly because we want to be with our son and enjoy his childhood with him.
At first I was really worried about teaching the subjects that are difficult for me. But now, one of the things I love the most is that I get to relearn all these things that I hated learning in school, but now can learn in a fun way!  We’re all learning and making our son’s education a space for discovering the world together.
Once we started, I realized everything we had been missing out on by sending our son to regular school. If you’re thinking of making the jump and feeling nervous about it, try doing some trial weekends before pulling your child out of school. Take a Saturday to try it out. Plan some activities – make sure you do a subject that is difficult for you, and that you have to do some research for – that way you get a better idea of what you’re in for.
Different homeschoolers do it in different ways. I’ve heard of families that do it all in One-Hour-A-Day homeschooling. We do around 16 hours a week of academic studies plus another 10 or so hours of art and sports. I also spend around 15-30 minutes every night planning classes for the next day. Working parents might homeschool their children at night or on the weekends. Some families buy a packaged curriculum, others (like us) are set on sticking to free resources and making up their curriculum. There’s no ONE right way. Try out different ways until you find the way that’s right for your family.
If you’re just starting to homeschool, or thinking about it, check out the Homeschool Communities I have listed on the sidebar. There are lots of experienced homeschoolers out there who want to help, invest some time in learning from them.

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